Slim Line System Laser-Like Lipo System

System Overview:

Vevazz™ is a laser-like machine, de-signed to help people lose inches of fat*.
It is LED light.
Frequency: 660 NM
Power: 40 MW per Diode
Diodes: 28 diodes per Treatment paddle
Paddles: 2 small paddles for lymphatic stimulation. 1-8 Large paddles for the af-fected treatment area

FDA Information:

The FDA has different classifications of devices and different regulations for each of those classi-fications.

Class 1 Devices require "Registration"
Class 2 Devices require "clearance" (drugs re-quire approval)
Most of the body contouring equipment out there is a class 2 device. And some of those class 2 body contouring devices out there being sold still don't have "clearance" from the FDA. Big no, no. Vevazz is a Class 1 device - and it is registered with the FDA "for use as an adjunct treatment for obesity"

Most of the body contouring devices that are non invasive use laser light. The only difference be-tween laser light and LED light is that Laser is "coherent" light.
When you shine a laser through fluid (as easily tested by shining a laser pointer through a glass of water) laser becomes non-coherent light. Or exactly the same as LED. And what percentage of the body is water/fluid? So most of the results of the "laser" devices is the light energy, and not actually the laser light. And clinical results show this to be true.

System Configuration:

Vevazz™ is available in a variety of con-figurations.
You can use with 2 large paddles and two small paddles, for treatment times of 40 min per patient.
4 paddles for treatment times of 20 min per patient.
6 paddles for treatment times of 10-20 min. per patient
8 paddles for treatment times of 10 min per patient.

The paddles have velcro on the back, so they are stored right on the treatment belt that holds the paddles in place over the treatment area.

Dimensions: Base unit: 10.7" x 11.9" x 4"
Large Paddles: 8" x 4" x 1"
Small Paddles: 1" x 2" x 3/4"

Earnings Disclaimer:


The testimonials are the full range of results – from people who saw the low end we produce – to the record breakers – who saw great results.
The average results in my clinic are 2 dress or pant sizes gone in 42 days – some getting less, some getting more. The record is 8 dress sizes in 42 days.
When used in conjunction with the whole system - which includes the neuro change technology, the whole body vibration, simple lifestyle changes we coach you on – this is the range of results people see, with 90% of patients being satisfied with their results

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